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This is our Genshin Impact quest hub! Here you’ll find every type of quest you’ll encounter while exploring the world of Teyvat. Check the links below for more information on each quest!

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These are the quests you’ll receive to progress the storyline of Genshin Impact. Check out our story walkthrough for more information on Archon Quests!

Story Walkthrough

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Not to be confused with Archon Quests, Story Quests involve the party members you receive through the story or from Wishes. Do these quests not only for their rewards but to find out more about your new friends!

List of Story Quests

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World Quests are scattered around the map and given to you by various NPCs for a variety of rewards. If you’re at a road block in the story, consider picking up some World Quests as they provide a decent amount of Adventure Rank Experience!

List of World Quests

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Event Quests are limited-time quests that you can complete to earn special rewards! Players do not need to complete these quests to progress the main story of the game.

List of Event Quests

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