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Genshin Impact Game DB

World Map So I never intended to create a world map since I am not a good Frontend Developer, but don’t worry, here is the solution:A map to display treasure chests, bosses, shrines, events, anemoculus, geoculus and challenges.External Link: Interactive Map with markers (English UI)Big shoutout to the developer “Snoopy/thezion”! 🙂 He is on our Discord now…

Genshin Impact Interactive Map


Genshin Impact: Primogem Farming Guide

Genshin Impact: Primogem Farming Guide

If you’ve launched Genshin Impact at least once since its launch, you’ll know that Primogems are an essential currency. They allow you to acquire Acquaint Fates and Intertwined Fates , which themselves will allow you to grant Wishes… Read More

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