Genshin Impact: Look For Vermeer’s Paintbrushes & Paints Quest Guide

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Published on October 20, 2020 Alex Gibson

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There are a huge number of different quests to undertake throughout the open-world of Tevyat. And while many of them revolve around combat first and foremost, there are a handful that involves some basic puzzle-solving and careful exploration. The trouble is, the instructions aren’t always very clear. Here’s a look for Vermeer’s paintbrushes and paints Genshin Impact world quest guide if you’re struggling to figure it out.

Look For Vermeer’s Paintbrushes & Paints Genshin Impact Quest Guide

vermeer's paintbrushes

First things first, the Look for Vermeer’s paintbrushes and paintbrushes guide tasks you with traveling to Luhua Pool. You can see the location above; we recommend fast traveling to the same teleport point.

From there you’ll need to scour the nearby area for signs of Vermeer’s painting. The first location is actually very close to the teleport point, just up on the cliffs literally right beside where you’ve arrived.

There’s a ruin around this, and his paint station/camp overlooks the lake itself (it faces west). A glowing yellow flame indicates the brush (you can see it above). Watch out for the Ruin Guard near here.

vermeer's paintbrushes

The second paintbrush location is a little trickier to find. It’s more or less directly opposite the cliff you found the last one, just across the left due west and up on a hilltop.

Now that you have both brushes it’s time to glide down to Luhua Pool and speak with Vermeer. After a short dialog, you’ll then be tasked with scouring the area for two strange stones.

vermeer's paintbrushes

Both of these stones (more like orbs) are found in the area around the pools. They’re a little tough to spot, but they appear as shining flames on the ground. You’ll spot one pretty easily, while the second is in the middle of a small patch of grass and is the harder of the two to find (pictured above).

Now you have both stones it’s time to climb the two giant statues and place them in their heads. You can see we’ve completed the righthand one already in the above picture.

After both stones have been placed in the statues, the Geo statue Vermeer stands beside, which was previously locked, has now been unlocked. Simply use a Geo character to activate the statue and beat the combat challenge to unlock the gate and claim your reward.

And that’s our look for Vermeer’s paintbrushes and paints Genshin Impact world quest guide. We hope it helped!

For more useful tips and guides on the game, refer to Twinfinite’s wiki.


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