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I’ve seem a lot of interactive maps out there, and some have better tools, some are more complete in one area and some are in a particular language.

So I decided to make a list with all interactive maps and some informations about them.

Map Language Complete? Mark as found QoL / extras
g-i-map.appsample EN (more with Machine Translation) Not for chests / resources / seelies. No elites/bosses. Yes Have farming routes EN Looks almost complete, except for elites/bosses Yes No subdivision for elites/bosses. YOU CAN add markings after you login EN Resource only. Well, yes but you wont use it anyway Can’t put it in fullscreen… CN (EN, translated) Looks pretty complete for everything. BUT no seelies / challenges divisions. Also can’t divide chests by quality Yes You need to click individual clusters to expand them. Can be annoying. It has photos for most chests. CN Looks pretty complete for everything except some chests Yes Got videos for most hard to find seelies / others or at least a hint. You can create your own markings CN Looks pretty complete for everything. Have more chests and crystals / white iron than the others. Yes Videos for *oculus.

From my observations, the 2nd map in the list is the most complete English map. The CN ones are pretty complete, with the 3rd CN one having the most chests and other resources. Different maps can have some informations others don’t even if they are more complete, so every map is missing some information, at least for now.

The 2nd CN one is the one I decided to use just because it’s prettiern have the 2nd with the most information AND you can create markings (can’t name them, tho :/ ).

If anyone use another map I can also include here.

EDIT: translation to 1st CN map by /u/EliteMasterEric (translation by /u/gbdematos) :


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