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Quest Name Description Start Adventure Rank EXP Primogem Mora Other Rewards …What Do Adventurers Do Again? At Lan’s direction, Tiantian of the Adventurers’ Guild has ben put in charge of distributing commissions, but she has no idea what sort of commissions she should be giving out to adventurers… Talk to Lan after finishing Fabule Textile Act I and reaching AR 28. Finish Chapter 1 Act 2 100 0 20,000 Hero’s Wit x4, Guide to “Prosperity” x2 A Little Game You met a strange person on Mt. Tianheng who is looking for someone to play hide-and-seek with him… Talk to Childish Jiang near Mt. Tiangheng 250 30 20,000 Hero’s Wit x2, Mystic Enhancement Ore x3 An Adeptal Summons If you wish to meet Cloud Retainer again, you must prepare a food offering… Trigger upon entering Mt. Aozang’s Central Lake 100 0 20,000 Guide to “Diligence” x3
Hero’s Wit x3 A Lone Ship In Guyun A heavily armed ship of unknown origins has stopped outside Guyun Stone Forest. You hop right on board to investigate… Gliding or swimming onto the boat triggers a cutscene. 100 0 16,000 Hero’s Wit x2, Black-Back Perch Stew x5 And This Treasure Goes To… You discovered a strange encampment in Lingju Pass. Something seems to have happened here Inspect one of the items near the encampment in Lingju Pass. 300 40 10,000 Hero’s Wit x2 A Provisional Arrangement Something’s wrong with the stairway at Wangshu Inn, and it’s been closed for repairs. Getting up to the top is now a problem… Talk to Zhen Qiang in Wangshu Inn, Liyue. 100 20 4,000 None A Quiet Day In Liyue Harbor Nervous An, busy at the harbor, is looking for someone to help to ease the nerves of guests from other nations… Find Nervous An on the harbor after completing Pressing Deadlines. 100 0 50,000 Hero’s Wit x5 Big Business Having lost the invoices to a large business venture, Landa is currently beside himself with anxiety… Talk to Landa in Wangshu Inn, Liyue. 250 30 30,000 Hero’s Wit x3 Blackcliff Woes The Chasm remains closed by order of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, which has put the Blackcliff Forge out of action since. Manager Kuan is troubled over this matter… Finish Chapter 1 Act 1.
Talk to Manager Kuan in Liyue Harbor, Liyue. 100 0 16,000 Hero’s Wit x3, Cor Lapis x3 Book in the Woods A little girl is hoping you’ll play a game with her… Talk to Little Nine in Wuwang Hill, Liyue 100 20 0 Adventurer’s Experience x2 Luhua Landscape Vermeer, an artist who is looking for inspirational material near Luhua Pool, seems to have hit a snag, and is looking for help… Talk to Vermeer near the Ruins south of Luhua Pool 450 50 30,000 Hero’s Wit x2 Nine Pillars of Peace Nine stone pillars tower over the barren plains, and they appear to disguise some mystery… Read the stone tablet in the middle of Cuijue Slope, Liyue 500 50 0 None Old Tastes Die Hard Emerald Maple’s Mr. Zhu is feeling nostalgic for an old delicacy. He’s looking for someone to help bring that flavor back to him. Talk to Mr. Zhu in the Sea of Clouds 150 20 20,000 Zhongyuan Chop Suey Recipe x1 Overstretched Millelith Qiaoxi is tasked with guarding a major thoroughfare to Dihua Marsh. But he thinks this mammoth task is too much for one person. Talk to Qiaoxi at the bridge in Dihua Marsh. 150 20 20000 None Pressing Deadlines Clerk Zhao is so swamped with work that she can’t even get a moment to herself. It seems she could use some assistance… Finish Chapter 1 Act 2. Talk to Clerk Zhao, in the room opposite the Northland Bank, after reaching AR 29. 100 0 20,000 Hero’s Wit x6, Golden Crab x3 Share Not Your Treasures Light the Bonfire. Interact with the Worn Letter guarded by a Ruin Hunter in Guili Plains 250 30 30,000 None The Chi of Guyun It seems Mt. Qingce is hiding some secrets… Talk to the hooded person near the entrance of the ruins south of Qingce Village. 500 60 0 Liyue Shrine of Depths Key x1 The Ocean Pearl A mysterious ship has dropped anchor outside Liyue Harbor. The ship appears to be quite luxurious, all the more reason to hop right on board. Start the quest by gliding and swimming to the boat. 100 0 30,000 Hero’s Wit x2 The Tree who Stands Alone In Mingyun Village you discover a very strangely written will… Talk to the ghost of Yuan Hong in Mingyun Village. 400 50 0 Liyue Shrine of Depths Key x1 Treasure Lost, Treasure Found According to Sayora, the strange jade plate in the ruins may hold more clues… Speak with Soraya outside of Guili Assembly in Guili Plains. 400 50 0 Liyue Shrine of Depths Key Trails in Tianqiu There is a strange tablet in Tianqiu Valley that seems to relate some of the valley’s history… Interact with the Ancient Tablet in Tianqiu Valley’s Ruins The Yaksha’s Wish The words of a certain Yaksha seem to have been left behind on a stone tablet… Interact with the Ruin Tablet in Minlin’s Ruins 250 30 Adventurer’s Experience x6 Will of Stone Millelith soldier Jiayi wants to send a gift to his daughter. Little Liu, but he has no time to return to Qingce Village, and as such is looking for someone to help him out… Finish Chapter 1 Act 2. Talk to Jiayi in Liyue Harbor. 100 0 30,000 Hero’s Wit x7

Qingce Stir Fry x5

The Adventurers’ Guild’s Affairs Lan seems to be fretting over some of the commissions that the Adventurers’ Guild has undertaken… Finish Chapter 1 Act 3. Talk to Lan in Liyue Harbor. 200 0 20,000 Guide to “Prosperity” x2
Guide to “Diligence” x2
Guide to “Gold” x2 Necessary Procedures The storm in Liyue harbor has passed, and all aspects of life within the city are slowly undergoing changes… For Ivanovich, this means working hard to adapt to said changes… Finish Chapter 1 Act 3. Talk to Ivanovich in Liyue Harbor. 150 0 100,000 Adventurer’s Experience x10 Words Worth Their Weight in Mora The recent crisis that beset Liyue Harbor has reinvigorated interest in history. Wanwen Bookhouse has seen a resurgence in business as a result, and its owner Jifang is on the verge of being overwhelmed… Finish Chapter 1 Act 3. Talk to Jifang in Liyue Harbor. 100 0 15,000 Teachings of “Prosperity” x4
Teachings of “Diligence” x4
Teachings of “Gold” x4 Changchang’s Little Friend Changchang from Liyue Harbor is looking for someone to get some food for a little puppy… Finish Chapter 1 Act 3. Talk to Changchang in Liyue Harbor. 100 0 0 Hero’s Wit x8
Raw Meat x10
Fowl x10
Fish x10 The Secret of Nantianmen Jiayi from Liyue Harbor has gotten himself tangled up in more troublesome affairs, and is looking for some help… Finish Chapter 1 Act 3. Talk to Jiayi in Liyue Harbor. 150 0 80,000 Hero’s Wit x4 An Ode to Yonder City Liyue’s crisis has settled down, but it has brought a wave of change to the city. The poet Qingzhou would like to capture these shifts in verse… Finish Chapter 1 Act 3. Talk to Qingzhou in Wangshu Inn. 150 0 20,000 Teachings of “Prosperity” x5
Teachings of “Diligence” x5
Teachings of “Gold” x5 Endless Research You meet Alrani, whom you once saved from a cage, in Liyue Harbor. She still seems to want to investigate something… Finish Chapter 1 Act 3. Talk to Alrani in Liyue Harbor. 150 0 20,000 Teachings of “Prosperity” x5
Teachings of “Diligence” x5
Teachings of “Gold” x5


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